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I met Barbara Weidman at an open house she was hosting. Barbara was incredibly generous with her time and patient answering all of my questions -- and then… some. Barbara was not pushy about who was representing me, nor in any way looking to score me as a client. It was clear from talking to Barbara that first day that her main intention both personally and professionally, was to serve her clients and do whatever possible to get them into their dream home. This is why I chose Barbara, and it is EXACTLY what she did for me!! Buying a home is such a stressful event in a person's life, and more times than I can count, Barbara was there to help me breathe through the experience, settle fraying nerves and hold my hand while I took one step at a time. Even long after the sale was done and closed, Barbara made herself available to offer assistance and suggestions with everything from minor questions to major home renovation -- and everything in between! I cannot say in enough ways that Barbara went above and beyond what most agents would ever do in order to get me into my home. She was available in every way at all hours of the day/night. I'm not sure how she did all she did for me--it was as if I was her only client because she was ALWAYS there and available for my needs. Barbara Weidman is hands down, the best agent I've ever had! I am so thankful I chose Barbara as my agent--and because of that decision, my little dog and I are living happily ever after in our little dream California beach bungalow!

Lori Mazzuca - 9/23/19

Barbara is truly an exceptional person as well as an exceptional real estate agent. Her honesty and caring come through because they are real. But she is also… exceedingly professional, knowledgeable, and capable. Her guidance was invaluable because we were confused about how to proceed with marketing our rather unusual property. We trusted her in our absence to handle multiple tasks to prepare our property for sale--and we were so happy with the results! Also, the marketing plan she implemented was better than we ever anticipated. She networked and interacted exceptionally well with agents and buyers alike, all the while communicating with us. Upon signing the contract she and her team moved swiftly and made sure everything was properly handled. I could go on and on but can simply say working with Barbara is more like having a trusted partner than an agent. She quickly and calmly gets the job done. I can wholeheartedly say HIRE THIS LADY! I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Ellen Brown - 5/25/19