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A beginner's guide to feng shui plant placement

by Barbara J. Weidman 08/15/2022

Choosing the best feng shui plants is only part of maximizing the energy flow in your space. It's also crucial to place the plants in the correct areas or "zones" to promote wellness, both for yourself and the plants. Here is a simple guide to the best places to put your houseplants according to feng shui principles:

The energy map

The core of the feng shui philosophy is based on the idea of Bagua, a balance of eight different types of energy in a space. The eight energies are tied to different zones of the house or a specific room and determine the ideal placement for furniture, plants and more. These different energies are tied to various parts of life like wealth, family and career, but are also associated with different elements.

The best feng shui space will have a perfect balance of these elements and furnishings placed in the corresponding energy section. Therefore, we can use this map to find the best places for houseplants in any given indoor space.

The best places for your houseplants

In feng shui, plants are associated with the wood element. This element is found in the east, southeast and south corners of the Bagua energy map. As a general interpretation, houseplants are best placed on the east, southeast or south sides of a room. Conveniently, this tends to be where plants will get the most natural light, depending on window size and placement.

For perfect feng shui, it's also important to understand how different plants can provide different types of energy. Experts recommend mixing and balancing these energies by combining different types of plants. For example, the soft, flowing energy of an areca palm contrasts with the strength and sharpness of a snake plant.

Experiment with what feels best in your space to find your own personal perfect feng shui plant arrangement.

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